Working with TEMP layers

Hi, I am having lots of fun working with the FSC QGIS plug-in making waxcap maps. Being completely new to QGIS, I’m learning lots along the way.

I’ve been generating species distribution maps in batch map mode, which I then want to explore in QGIS. Is there a way to make the TEMP layers permanent, as a whole batch? The only way I’ve found to do it is go through them individually and Right click > make permanent. Which is a faff if you want to keep the whole set in your QGIS project.



Hi Clare,

I’m glad you’re finding it useful. Making permanent shapefiles from the TEMP layers in batch is done from the options tab of the tool. One of the options in the drop-down list in the output section is shapefile.

Be warned though, batch generation of images etc only works with TEMP layers - not permanent shapefiles. So if you want to do batch generation of map images, you need to work with TEMP layers.