'Watch file' capability for biological records tool?

This from an issue posted on GitHub:

Not sure if I should be here or in the forum… I’m trying to work out how I can update the map layer automatically when a .csv is changed. I can do this directly in QGIS using the Watch File checkbox when creating a layer from the .csv. But as FSC tools neatly simplifies this stage I can’t seem to do it with maps I’ve created with the FSC tool. I can’t find a way to Watch File after the layer is created, only at the create layer stage. I’m quite new to this so might be missing something obvious. Thanks.

Source: https://github.com/FieldStudiesCouncil/QGIS-Biological-Recording-Tools/issues/46

Unfortunately there is no equivalent capability for the biological records tool. Most often The biological records tool is flexible about how it represents records from a CSV file, e.g. very often it’s used to aggregate records for atlas maps, so any equivalent functionality would need to incorporate a way to remember the user’s options for generating the layer from the CSV in the first place. This might be something to think about for the future.

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Thanks for your help, at least I won’t spend more time looking for a way to do this.

Eh? I think the answer is probably no, but don’t actually understand the question!