Vis 2 "not loaded"

Hi, can anyone help, please.
Mimola (micromothlarvae) has been up and running for some time (Hosted on Netlify).
I wanted to create a copy so I can do some development work without affecting the running version.
After much struggling, I have managed to get a copy and have been making some amendments.
However, when I try to actually run the updated version (having done npm instal) npm start works and the input screen appears, but the list of data does not appear.
Instead there is a message box which says “Currently unavailable”
“You are working offline but the tool you tried to load (vis2) was not previously loaded into memory.
Load the tool when you next have an internet connection, then you will be able to use it off-line.”
Can somebody please tell me how to do this, eg where to look for vis2 and where to put it when I do?
I do not know if it will tell me the same for vis 3, etc when vis 2 is solved.

Hmm, seems like something it out of place or broken there, Graham. I don’t know enough about how Identikits are put together to know what the problem might be. This is another one of those problems where being able to sit next to you or do a screenshare on Zoom to figure it out might be needed. However, it would need to be someone with good Identikit knowledge, I think.

I was hoping someone could actually explain what the message actually meant. Why go ‘on line’ to copy something which is sitting on my PC and where is this vis2 supposed to be - other than in the thing I have copied already (which of course works).
Incidentally, I copied vis2 from my working version into the problem version to no effect.
Any zoom or other offers for help would be appreciated

Hi Graham. Can you take a screenshot of your whole screen when that error message appears and post it here?