Sex linked characters should affect scores

My taxa are bees. Some females have scopae (pollen collecting hairs), and others do not. Males never have scopae. So it would be helpful if you select “no scopae” in the key, AND female, your list should favor those taxa that do not have scopae. Conversely if you select “scopae” AND male, the ideal outcome would be negative scores for all taxa.

I have scrutinized the documentation, and I believe I have it right.
On the taxa file, characters for sex are in the form:
no scopae (m) | scopae (f)
no scopae
no scopae (m) | scopae (f)

When running the key, selecting male or female has no effect on the matches I get for the conditions of “scopae,” or no “scopae.” Even though the key “knows” that there are male/female differences for the scopae character–The info for the taxon reports this.

I considered the alternative of creating separate lines in the taxa worksheet for male and female. Not only is this cumbersome, it also means that I would need separate image files for the 2 sexes - even though most of the images I have are of females only.


That looks as though it should work. If you send me a copy of your KB, or a cut-down one that still illustrates the problem, I will take a look for you. You can email it to me at [email protected].