Saving image files and applying style in batch mode

I am new to QGIS and love the options there are, just struggling a bit here and there. When I create Species Distribution Maps in Batch mode, I get all TEMP files, but cannot automatically save them as Images in a separate file. Also, when trying to set and choose a style to be used for all data points, I cannot find/access any .qml files to choose from. Not sure where I am going wrong, would highly appreciate help for both hick ups.
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Hi @marina.t, 2 things there;

Saving Temps - First off what are you trying to do? The temp file just refers to the ‘dots’ not a full image (e.g. dots and background). What happens when you try to save (options tab > format = image). You can also save the temp layers as actual shapefiles (options tab > format = shapefile). Do you get any errors if you try to do that?

Style files - The plugin doesn’t come with any style files so you need to get hold of or create one before you can select it in the plugin.

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Hello Ben,
sorry for not being precise enough.
I am sending you a screenshot of what I am working on.( I actually think there is a problem with my plantlist_GPS file (data specifications?). I struggled a bit whne importing the csv file into QGIS. I have not been able to resolve it though.)
Saving Images: I am trying to create Species Distribution Maps. I can create single species Maps and then save the file as SVG shapefile. However in Batch mode, this does not seem to work in one go, I find the TEMP files in my Project window, but they are not copied to an external document file even though it is specified. It is as if the settings are not responding.
Style But can I not use the Style Options offered through QGIS? They do not appear whne I click on the Style Option.

Hi Marina. It sounds like you are struggling to understand how the tool works. If you’ve already read the documentation ( and it doesn’t help then lets break it down a step at a time. Describe just the first problem you come across - preferably with a screenshot illustrating it - and we’ll deal with that one first. Then we can move onto the next problem and so on.

Hi and thanks for getting back. Ok, I am preparing 320 simple plant distribution maps using the Biological Records Tool. It works fine in single map mode. I am struggling with batch map mode.

  1. I understand that there are no styles saved in the tool. I would like to apply one style to all 320 Maps. If I open Browse Style File, I assumed I would have Access to the syle Features offered through QGIS (dots, lines etc…However, I do not know where to find, save or download styles to use here.

  2. If I understood correctly, from the Output Options, you can save all maps simultaneously in a separate folder as images. If I enter the destination file and run the tool, I have all my 320 maps as TEMP files in the layer output, but nothing saved as Image in the designated folder.

Thanks, Marina