Problem with my "mimola app"

Hello, a couple of days ago, when trying to use my “app”, I got this report when trying to start up.
Can anyone help please?

Hello Graham. Unfortunately I can’t read the error message or what’s in the command window from that screenshot. I can just about make out that it says there is a Javascript error. It’s possible that this is due to an unhandled problem with the knowledge base. If you email me your Excel kb at the usual address I will see if it starts okay on my computer.

Hi Graham. I just started Identikit here with the kb you sent me and it works fine. So that indicates that there’s either something wrong with the Identikit installation, or the way you are starting it.

Q1. Did anything change in between the last time you used it successfully and the first time you got this problem, e.g. did you install a new version of the Identikit software?

Q2. Can you just outline in a few short bullet points the steps that you are taking to start the Idenikit?


A week ago, I copied micro.xls and sent it by e-mail to Philippa (Catherine’s daughter) for her to update the Netlify on-line version which Charles set up for me (Via Pip). It works fine.

It contained several changes to the KB following comments from users. Apart from that I have done nothing “willingly” to the system. I discovered that I had somehow copied an XL file into it but when I noticed that I immediately removed it. I am not aware of any other changes.

I have kept older versions (e.g January and May) so that I have a back-up if necessary, but have not used them since the last update and name change to July. I wonder if I should see if an older version works and, if so, copy the latest XL file into is and then call it August.

I was not aware that there was a new version od identikit software.

To use mimola at home I merely click on the “run” button and type in npm start. (when it didn’t work, I did try npm install but it didn’t make it happen.

In the window where you normally type ‘npm start’, can you type ‘dir’ instead and post a screenshot of the window (i.e. the black ‘command’ window).

Hi, here 'tis

Further to my earlier comments, I have just opened an old version (March) of Mimola and copied micro.xls from the July version (the one which will not work) into it and re-named it “August” and it runs OK.
My only question now is “Do I have to also replace the Resources picture file” ?

I should perhaps add that when I was doing all that, I clicked on npm install and it told me there were “a number of errors” and that I should enter a “correct faults” command, which I did. I can no longer recall the exact wording and wondered how many other “commands” there are (like dir) and how to find them.

Have you been making copies of the whole ‘tombiovis-1-90…’ folder for different versions of your knowledge-base? I’m wondering that because of the very specific name of the folder in the screenshot, i.e. ‘tombiovis-1.90 - July 2020 On-lineTest Copy’. Making copies of the whole Identikit installation is a bad idea because it is so large. You only need one copy of the software and you can have multiple versions of your knowledge-base within that if necessary.

I don’t think so, but may have done in the past. I see I still have a 1.7 version!
For at least this year, I have merely taken the previous version, transferred the new micro.xls and renamed it. So, my August version is the March one with the latest Micro.xls. I feel I must keep an “older” working version just in case the latest one fails.
If I had deleted all my older versions, then I would still be stuck with a version which did not work because of the Java error.

Where did the ‘tombiovis-1.90 - July 2020 On-lineTest Copy’ folder come from then? Is that a copy of another folder or did you just rename it?

The July version was the March one with an updated micro.xls. and renamed July.
I had been using it for more amendments until the transfer to Netlify.
After that transfer, when it didn’t work, I went back to the March one, loaded the latest micro.xls and called it August. I have today made more changes to micro.xls but won’t rename it until I have finished (joke) making significant changes and want to upload them to Netlify on-line changes.