Negative M-A-K scores

Hi, I probably should know the answer to this question, but can’t remember.
In my key, one of the inputs is “foodplant” (of micro-moth larvae.)
For each species I have a list of plants used.
If a user chooses a foodplant , then all those with that foodplant will score 1 and all those which do not have that foodplant listed score -1
I really don’t want this -1 score - I really want it to be zero.

I am OK for all the other features to give minus scores and do not want to change them, so any solution would not have to change the other features scores.

Hi Graham. This is explained in the character scoring document under general principles ( In general, I wouldn’t recommed turing negative scoring off, but you can if you like via an option as explained in that document. The option is set in your top-level HTML file (probably vis.html). In the example that comes with the software ( you can see that there is an option, commented out, that says //ignoreNegativeScoring: false,. You need to remove the comment marks from the front of this to turn it on so that it looks like this: ignoreNegativeScoring: false,. If that line isn’t already in your HTML file, you need to add it.

Thanks Rich. I guessed it would be something like that. I only wanted to turn one of them off and leave the rest on.
Anyway, I shall have to leave it like it is and do a lot of work on the plant groups which you kindly set up for me some time ago.