Module 2 Assignment Help Thread

If you are having any issues with the Module 2 assignments please let us know…

Link to Module 2 assignments are not working

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Hi @Stephen and @Crepuscat-tag

Thank you for both reporting that the link doesn’t work for assignment 2.1. I’ve checked it and it works ok for me so not sure what’s going on. Please try the link below to see if that works.

Assignment 2.1 Garden Birdwatch

That link works. Have emailed screen shots from iPad rather than filling this space!

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OMG!! I did what you said not to do, Keiron, when filling in my Garden Birdwatch!! I clicked on ENTER!
I was trying to change the “where” setting, fiddling about and couldn’t get it to do what I wanted. Pressed Enter by mistake.

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Can you tell me if you received the Module 1 assignments ok? You said yesterday that some people’s work did not come through.
Also this technology is taking me so long to use! Am I just being thick or what?
I need help with the Where section.
I put in a spot location for my birdwatch, it came up as a 10m square, but I felt that wasn’t relevant as I was looking over a large pond in the Park. I wanted to get a larger square but couldn’t get back to view a larger square on the map! That was when I pressed enter! Sorry
(Yes Im fed up and hungry, so will get some lunch and come back later)

Hi Charles,
Thank you for the reply to my question yesterday.
I did reply with thanks, but I’ve just seen that it wouldn’t send my reply, sorry.

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Yes @JSW , we’ve received two sets of bird data from you (one from Wimbledon Park and one from a London Park). You can check what records have been added to the activity here:

Discovering iRecord - Explore the data

Hi @JSW You can edit your records once they’ve been submitted. There’s full guidance on the iRecord website here:

Editing or deleting a record

To change the grid reference to your desired grid reference you may wish to look it up on Grid Reference Finder (linked below) first and add it in manually, as sometimes the interactive map can be a bit fiddly.

Grid Reference Finder

OK Thank you Keiron,
I have checked back at the records I entered and I think it’s all OK.
The one I did earlier was in my garden, not a park, but the habitat choice was parks or gardens. I should have recorded Wimbledon as the location and then put the Grid Ref, but it looks OK.(?!)
I have looked at the Grid Ref finder that you suggested and the 6 fig Ref that I entered looks OK, I don’t think it’s in the middle of the Lake!
Thanks for your help.

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@JSW fantastic… it all looks ok to me! Well done on completing the assignment!

Hi, I have just complete the bird survey. I am not sure if I have done it right or not, would you be able to check? Thank you

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Hi @RosieBillington, yes your records have been received so you’ve passed module 2… well done!


I have just finished entering the data into IRecord for the birdcount. However, I can’t see any links for assignment 2.2 or 2.3. Am I missing something?


Thomas Heathwaite,

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Should we be able to access the links for Module 2 Optional assignments 2 and 3?

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Hi @Thomas and @22burket

Apologies for the delay, assignments 2.2 and 2.3 are now available through the website and you should have received an email directing you to the assignments.