Mimola (MIcro-MOth-LArvae)

I have been developing mimola with much help from Rich over the past 3 years or more.

I am getting close to a version which I would like to float on the FSC site as a test-bed, but need some help.

My first question is:

How do I put photos (instead of - or as well as - numbers) in the “options” so that when using the system to ID a larvae they appear…
For example, I have a characteristic called “shape” and I have 5 possible shapes, 1 to 5. At the moment, when selecting shape it offers the choice of 1,2.3.4 or 5 but I would like the photos here.
The photos are in my resources file but I have not worked out how to code these so as to get them to show.

Any help welcome,



You cannot show them in the characters state input controls themselves. The best you can do is offer them as help images so that when the user clicks on the character name in the character state input controls, a help box pops up showing the state values (currently numbers in your case) and a picture corresponding to each one.

I also recommend that you use meaningful short names, instead of numbers, for the character states.

If you do not want to do through your entire knowledge base changing the numbers to an equivalent name, you can just leave the values as numbers in your taxon worksheet and add ‘translations’ on the values worksheet like this:

This is also the place to provide ‘StateHelp’ which will be displayed alongside your photographs. I’ve got a feeling that photographs won’t display for character help unless values are provided for StateHelp on the values worksheet.

Specify photographs for state help on the media worksheet, e.g. like this:

(Note that the values for the State column here match the values you use in the taxa worksheet - not any translated values you use on the values worksheet.)

Hi Rich, thanks for that.
I had spent the morning changing inputs on the resources sheet and had in fact arrived at the situation where when I click on “Shape” or “Appearance” the Pictures all come up and you can scroll down them all, make your visual choice and then select it in the box.
I am happy with that.
I shall now try to implement the “equivalent name” as per your above suggestion.
When I have done that, I will pose my next question.

Good morning Rich,

I have successfully incorporated all of the above into mimola now. However, I have not done any of it under the URI heading!

I have also cropped some pictures to show only the heads of larvae, so now, for example I have added “black” (and so on) as a photo (in resources) which I have incorporated into Head Colour in the same way as for Shape and Appearance.

Do I have to start a new topic to ask my next question?

Thanks once again

If it’s a different question, then yes please! It helps people coming along later if each question is in its own thread – it makes the topics easier to find and understand. Thanks for asking – it’s a good question. :slight_smile: