Identikit on iPhone

I currently have a number of Identikit PWAs on my iPhone 5c which appear to work very well. Recently, I selected ‘Airplane Mode’ on and when I turned this mode off again some of the Identikit PWAs activated, but two, ‘Wader Identification’ and ‘Beetle Families’ were just blank screens. The only way to get them back was to download them again from the FSC Resources web page. Does anyone know why this should be the case? Steve.

Hi Steve. Im liternally about to go off grid for about 36 hours and haven’t got time to give a full answer, but I can give you a couple of bits of info. First I don’t know exactly what happened in your case but it sounds like the cached files for those two apps were lost. The amount of memory browsers give to PWA cached assets varies between browsers and between platforms and, what’s more, the browser is in charge. So if a browser decides it needs to free some cache, it is perfectly at liberty to dump some PWA assets. As I understand it, iOS is more conservative than other platforms in the abount of memory it allows PWAs to cache, but that might have changed a bit since last I looked. Here is a recently updated article I found but only had time to skim: