Identikit key for Oregon

This just an FYI, and a shout out. That first: the identikit is super useful for the work I do with bees. I have shared my draft around, and find that genuine taxonomists (not me!) see the utility immediately.

My key: Identikit key - David Cappaert

I work on my own, and have little IT knowledge, so figuring out the deployment was challenging. I used github (free) and embed code to place the key inside my own www page. If anything I’ve learned might be useful to you - please let me know.

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Hello David,

It is always really gratifying when someone uses the Identikit to put together such an interesting resource as you have done. I haven’t had time to work on Identikit in earnest for a few years which makes it all the more pleasing to see it is still being used to build new resources. I always think that you learn a good deal about a taxonomic group simply by putting the knowledge base together for Identikit. The resource is a great added bonus!

I’m glad you found a way to deploy your visualisation effectively - that’s the part that most people really struggle with. The iFrame is bit restrictive though and I wonder if maybe you should include a prominent link to your GitHub page where people can use it without the restriction of the iFrame?

Regardless, this is great work. Congratulations on building it.


Thanks Rich. Helpful to know that you are good about completely unrelated projects (but related missions) employing the software.

Good idea about a link straight to github. The trade-off is that as an embed, I get to explain the content. And acknowledge the software authors.

100% right about the knowledge one consolidates in creating the key. Perhaps I should now just hide the key, and hire myself out as a consultant.


Hi David. You can edit the vis.html page to put custoom HTML directly in the front page of the key. You can also add extra HTML or Markdown pages in your repo, with links from Vis.html. Or you could have a new ‘landing page’ (HTML or Markdown) for your GitHub pages site with links to Vis.html. In short you could probably do everything you’ve done but directly in GitHub pages. Downside is that it would be a different URL. But maybe you could employ a redirect.