Grassland Waxcap Identikit tool - progress update

Just thought I’d share that I’ve summarised feedback received on my ‘Grassland waxcap identification support tool’, built with Identikit, over on my blog:

The good news is it seems to work reasonably well in most cases. There are a few minor things that I think could be improved, so I’ll aim to release a new version of the tool in time for this year’s waxcap season.

Thanks again for all your help with it.


Hi Clare, I have just noticed your message regarding your Grassland Waxcap Identikit Tool. Do you have any plans to make it available in small format i.e. on a smart phone? I’m a fellow Identikit fan and KB author - see Beetle Families, Plant Families, Macrofungi Genera and Waders prototypes on the FSC Biodiversity Resources page. They are all available in both large and small formats. I would really like to try out your ID tool in the field. Steve

@clare It’s very easy to make a mobile version - I can help if you like?