Get species name on maps

I am using the composer image to produce maps in batch mode, and would like to have the species name appearing in image files. I think I need to add a label in the layout, but don’t know how to code (dynamically) the species names from the layers produced by the FSC biodiversity plug-in?
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Hi Xavier, when running the tombio plugin looks for the #name# tag in text on the composer.

From the docs;

Any text items in the composer are searched for the token ‘#name#’ and this is replaced with the name of the taxon derived from the name of the temporary layer. Version 2.6.0 introduced a new feature whereby other replaceable tokens can be defined in a CSV file and then used in the map composer in the same way as the ‘#name#’ token. The name of any special token used must match a column header in the CSV file. The value used to replace the special tag - e.g. ‘#CommonName#’ - will be the values corresponding to the column (e.g. ‘CommonName’) and row for the taxon.

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Hi Deedb! Many thanks for the answer and sorry it was available from the docs! I was missing some general QGIS skills to apply it… Works fine!
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No probs, things aren’t always easy to find if you don’t know what you’re looking for!

For anyone reading this and wondering version 3 bio rec tool docs here: