FSC tombio batch output as jpg instead of png?

I have just learned to use the fsc tombio plugin to produce over 1000 species distribution maps which works brilliantly. Unfortunately the maps are output as 11Mb .png’s. Is there a way to generate the maps as .jpg’s and can the size be reduced to between 300 & 500kb?
Secondly, is there a way to output the maps with a filename format like - map#ABH no#
instead of the taxon name? (where ABH no is in the metadata file.)

Hello Pete. Thanks for the feedback - it is always good to hear about the tool being used in earnest. I thought that there was a way to set the output aster format, but I’ve just checked and apparently. However there is a way to reduce the size of the output files as long as you are generating the images via a printing layout (‘composer’). On the ‘layout’ properties tab of the layout composter there is an ‘Export settings’ section where you can see the ‘export resolution’ which is expressed as dots per inch. To reduce the size of your output file, decrease this number. There isn’t a way to tailor the names of the output files as you have suggested, but it is a good idea and I will raise an issue to suggest it as a feature.

I’ve raised a couple of issues with your suggestions. That means that the next time I do any development work on the plugin, I will consider whether or not we can include these. There’s no guarantee that they will be actioned, but they will be definitely be considered.

Thanks for your response. The file size option seems to fit the bill and I wait in hope that the new filename feature gets completed before my next big project.
Thanks, Pete