Forum ProTip: Quoting

One of the many nice features of Discourse you should know about is the “Quote” function. If you want to reply to a specific bit of a message, simply select it and a Quote button will appear. Click this to start a reply containing a special quote code that will link directly back to the original quote. Nifty.

Here’s a screenshot:


Note, you can drag and drop images into Discourse.

Like this. :slight_smile:

Hint: click the down chevron to open the quoted post inline.

A perfect example of where a quote (see above) would have been useful @rburkmar on this post:

What is the reply referring to? We can work it out pretty easily in this case, but using the quote feature makes it explicit. It is particularly useful on long threads where the reply is far away from the thing being replied to.

Testing Moodle SSO, weirdly it appears you’re not logged in

If you reply to something you’re are suddenly logged in ok

Seems to work if I put a link in a Moodle course to Discourse if you’re logged in Moodle, then it creates the account, but like I said didn’t seem to create the account in Discourse until I tried to reply to a forum post namely this one

It’s slightly more nuanced you have to interact with Discourse for it to create and account from Moodle, so hit reply and popup appears with a tour guide and you’re already logged in, but landing on the main Discourse page you’re not logged in and it needs some interaction to trigger account creation

Just tried with a new Moodle account and a new email account on inboxkitten to confirm it