Downloading iRecord data

To develop a UK map using QGIS and the FSC tools first you need the data.
Easy enough to get that from NBN Atlas but what about the other data silo of iRecord? You’ll need to add that too to your csv file or your map will be missing many records. (There are other separate silos too, iNaturalist, GBIF and privately held data but those are another story.)
It seems not to be possible to download iRecord datasets unless you set yourself up as a verifier for all the groups you are interested in.
Does anyone have a solution?
Simple examples would be maps of Snail-killing flies to compare them to mollusc maps in an attempt to discover hosts, or a beetle vs likely host plants.

Hi Darwyn, you are correct that it is not possible to download all records from iRecord. Any iRecord user can download their own records of course, but we don’t make it possible for users to download everyone else’s records. Wherever possible records from iRecord are shared via NBN Atlas, via the relevant national recording schemes, see:

The proportion of records being shared continues to increase as more schemes come on board.

Thanks Martin.
You don’t mention that verifiers can also download records in the groups to which they have volunteered to perform that task.
One solution would be to volunteer to verify in groups one was interested in. Using the above examples I’d have to volunteer to verify Snail-killing flies and molluscs or the Coleopterist volunteer to verify both his/her beetle group and all flora.
Seems an inelegant solution but I’ll give it a try, put me down for the Sciomyzidae, I am co-organiser of the Recording Scheme after all. I’d rather there had been another category which could access iRecord records as Matt Harrow is already doing a great job verifying those. I doubt I’ll be doing any verifying though, based on my recent poor performance on iNaturalist (6/22 wrong Family) I don’t know how Matt does it.

Here’s an example. A threatened Snail-killing fly Salticella fasciata.
The records are a mixture of NBN Atlas plus iRecord records sent to me by Matt and the 10km squares were generated using the FSC QGIS plugin.