Classified breaks still not working

The breaks classification is still not working for the heat maps I’m trying to make. I am getting only a max of 9 species, when I have well above that. I’m selecting the species column from my dataset. Here are pictures of the heatmap and the source data layers

48%20PM 34%20PM

And here are other useful screenshots


What is the maximum value in the ‘Richness’ column of the layer ‘Heatmap some voles and lemmings’? Depending on the size of your grid squares, it is likely to be much lower than the total number of species over the whole map.

How do I check? I thought it was 9 because of the largest integer value (darkest red) in the layer styling screenshot

You can check by looking in that column with the attributes table tool in QGIS - you can click on the column header to sort by value. Your graduated classification suggests that the maximum number of species in any single square is nine. If that’s the case, then it is working as designed.