Can QGIS Biological Records tool plot Channel Island records?

I have a mixture of grid references; British, Irish and the Channel Islands that I would like to plot together. The British and Irish are fine but the Channel Island are currently in the UTM format e.g. WV55 or WA50, and thus ‘invalid’. What would be a sensible way to convert these so that the Tombio plugin can recognise them and plot along with the others?

Hello Sam. Sorry for the slow response - I’ve been on holiday. I bumped up against this myself recently when producing some maps for the Earthworm Society. I had forgotten that the QGIS plugin only understands Irish and British grid references – not Channel Islands. There’s no simple way to deal with it, but this is how I managed.

  1. Separated CI data into a separate CSV.
  2. Used the normal facilities to generate atlas squares for British/Irish CSV.
  3. For the Irish records I used lat/lng coordinates (which were also in the spreadsheet) to generate a point records layer in QGIS.
  4. Used this point layer (instead of CSV) to generate atlas squares for CI records.
  • set output CRS to ‘other’ and select ‘EPSG:32630 – WGS 84 / UTM zone 30N’
  • select ‘User-defined atlas size’ from the ‘type of map’ drop-down
  • set the grid size corresponding to the size of your required grid square (e.g. 10000 for hectad)

Really the QGIS tools need updating to deal with CI grid references – much as the libraries we use for BRC atlas mapping do. I’ve added an issue to this effect, but I’m not sure when I’ll be able to address it (Biological Records Tool should understand Channel Island grid refs · Issue #63 · FieldStudiesCouncil/QGIS-Biological-Recording-Tools · GitHub).