Average species abundances in each atlas square

I’ve been using the Biological Records Tool in your plugin and am very impressed with its versatility. Fantastic job!
For my current project, I am interested in plotting the average abundance of a species within each atlas square. It appears as though the plugin is calculating the sum of the species abundance within each atlas square. Is there a way to have the plugin calculate the average instead?

Hi Jill. I’m glad that the tool is useful to you. The tool cannot be configured/directed to calculate the average abundance, but you can use QGIS’ field calculator to calculate it from the ‘abundance’ and ‘records’ columns from the tool output (abundance/records). If you have lots of layers on which you need to do that, I think that you could look into using QGIS’ batch processing features to automate it. (I don’t have any experience of that myself, but it looks like it should work).

Your advice was so helpful and so quick! My maps are working perfectly now. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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